Price List
Fredericton Co-op Pick-up/Drop-off

Price List (updated September 18, 2021)

Item Price Notes
knives $1/inch price per inch of blade length.
push mower blades $10 blades removed prior to service. Blades are cleaned, sharpened and oiled.
reel mower $25 backlapped with abrasive compound. Cleaned, sharpened and oiled.
axe $7 cleaned, sharpened and oiled
pruning shears & loppers $7 cleaned, sharpened and oiled
electric hedge trimmers $20 blades removed prior to service if possible
machete $7 cleaned, sharpened and oiled
shovel $6 cleaned, sharpened and oiled
planer blades - service suspended until next spring
carbide circular saw blades - service suspended until next spring

Prices can vary depending on blade condition.

I do not sharpen:

pizza cutters
flat grind hair grooming scissors
clipper blades