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Maritime Shaving Supply backstory

15 years ago I went looking for shaving options that were more cost effective than the shaving cream and cartridges I had been using.  I bought a $20 DE razor and a few spare blades.  Using hand soap and a face cloth for lubrication I went at it.  The price tag was good but the shave quality was not.  

The next significant upgrade was when I began using shaving soap with a shaving brush.  After that, there was no more bleeding as a result of shaving.

Now, if I’m in a rush I will face lather.  I get a top shelf shave in a very reasonable amount of time.  If I’m not in a rush I’ll develop a lather in a shaving bowl.  Taking time to take care of myself is a very important part of my routine.  

We should all take pride in taking care of ourselves.  It shows and reflects on who you are.  Let it show.  I don’t want to be a snob but I do want to feel proud and confident.  It shows when you do a good job taking care of yourself.

Take your time and do a good job.

Thank you,

Peter Gilbert

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