Household kitchen, shop and garden tool sharpening services.

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Peter Gilbert
90 Robbys Road
Nasonworth, NB

call or text: two three zero-7088

email: peterg at verysharp dot ca

Maintenance vs. Restoration

The cost of service is largely a function of the condition of your blade.
Blades that are not damaged can be sharpened in a timely manner.

The amount of time involved in providing service is directly related to the cost of service.

Kitchen knives- (est. $5-$20)

kitchen knives

I use a variable speed 1x30 belt sander to quickly restore a razor sharp edge.
The edge is lightly sharpened using a variety of grits on abrasive belts.
To remove any burrs that are left from the abrasive belts and to polish the toothy cutting edge,
the blades are then run through leather strops using abrasive compound.

Straight Razor - (est. $20-$30)

straight razor

Once your strop is unable to restore a razor sharp edge, it is time for sharpening.
Traditional sharpening stones are used from 5000 grit and finishing with 12,000 grit.
Leather strops and abrasive compounds are used to polish the finished edge.

Circular Saw Blades - (est. $20-$30)


Circular saw blade sharpening is for discerning craftsmen who require top performance
out of their saw blade. Sharpening circular saw blades requires the removal of a small
amount of carbide from the face of each tooth. Most of my time is spent cleaning
hardened pitch off the face of each tooth. This service is reserved for blades that are
very costly to replace, but can be sharpened for a fraction of that price.

Shears and loppers - (est. $15-$20)


Many of the new age loppers are just cheap and the cutting edges just don't meet.
Older units generally work well once they are cleaned and sharpened.

Along with touching up the cutting edge, abrasive pads and sandpaper are used to clean up rust and grime.
Tools are oiled with mineral oil to help prevent rust and lubricate moving parts that contact each other.

Scissors - (est. $5-$30)

scissors scissors

Same as the loppers, it's good to make sure the cutting edges meet along the entire cutting surface.
Best if the scissors can be taken apart if they are to be sharpened properly.
If anyone has some hair cutting shears they would like me to sharpen,
I can sharpen some but not all of them.

More to come, I've been sharpening for 4 years but getting this web site re-arranged takes a bit :)